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Written by Boserup | 13.11.2011 @ 13:36 CET

VIP Ultra wins BF3L 5on5 Weekend Cup

From our luxurious LAN setup at Lunds place we joined up in the BF3L Weekend Cup .

We started out playing against the Dutch team Vital Gaming on Teheran Highway. Without any problems Ultra managed to get 2 flags and hold Vital Gaming off without many problem. With good organisation and teamplay we defeated them by 403-0.

In the 2nd match we had the British team Absent With Leave (AWOL) on Seine Crossing. Again we sat on the majority of the flags and managed to bleed AWOL down to zero is short time. It repeated it self pretty much for 2nd round and we won with 402-0.

The Final was yet again versus a British team called Elite Armed Force (EAF) on Grand Bazaar. We had pretty good starts in both rounds and ended up controlling the match completely from 1st second and won 432-0.

In overall it was good practice for us and loo forward to participate in the next BF3L Cup.

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